Digitalize Hub Website Design

Contracted Company: King’s Dream Business Consulting   |  Duration: 2 Weeks   |   Role: Lead Web Designer

About Digitalize Hub

Digitalize Hub connects people to digital experiences and brands creating an entertaining high-quality journey for mobile users while opening up new opportunities for digital content curators by offering our deep market understanding and digital marketing experience.


Before getting help, the business owner, Ghassan, only had a logo, a purple theme color, and a couple of product PowerPoint slides. Ghassan didn’t know what needs to be on his website or how to organize his content.

Scope: Design a brand new website and help the client to write and gather content.

Design Process

Competitive Analysis

I asked Ghassan to provide me some example sites he likes. I then gave him a template to help him think about what kind of content he should have. Ghassan told me that he’d like me to mimic with a touch of Digitalize Hub. 


The hardest part of this website was the lack of content. It made the most sense to have a one-page website and have the menu items take users to different sections of the page. The number of reaches was such a proud number, so it had to be displayed prominently. I decided to use lightboxes for the details of the service, so the users didn’t have to go to another page for simple descriptions. When they are interested in demo requests, they’ll be able to do so on one form. 

The New Site

In a timely matter, Ghassan was able to write more content as I requested. I could then start putting everything together. I followed Ghassan’s theme color and found relevant stock photos that matched his style. I mimicked the layout (vertical dot menu) and the scrolling behavior of I created each animation and made them appear at different times as the user scrolled. Finally, since Ghassan and his client would all be tech-savvy, I thought it was appropriate to use an actual hamburger icon rather than the three lines. 

Upon delivery, Ghassan had lost his voice. He said that I presented him with everything he imagined, but it was even better than he thought it would be! He even loved that hamburger icon!

Client Feedback


Ghassan: You made my day! Seriously! This is perfect, I would not change a thing!