Star Dot Engineer Website Redesign

Contracted Company: King’s Dream Business Consulting   |  Duration: 2 Weeks   |   Role: Lead Web Designer

About Star Dot Engineer

We provide continuing education to recent high school graduates, who are underprivileged minority students that are unable to attend a 2 to 4-year college.

We also provide online and in-person certification, education training in the field of Information Technology.


The owner, Daryl, picked a very good template for his website. However, he had too much content for the template to work properly for him. He had empty spaces, cluttered information, long application forms, and his login function did not work. He also wanted to build a quiz that only students who signed up could see. His footer is cut off on the desktop view, some items are not centered, and the general layout was messy. As an IT school, these issues could be seen as unprofessional and incompetent.

Scope: login/signup bug fix; building a quiz for signed in members, and polish the look of the site. 

Design Process

This website’s brand identity was well established, although it needed a lot of fine-tuning and restructuring. 

I was able to fix the login problem for Daryl, restructured his content, and polish the look of the website. I embedded a quiz on his website that only members could see. I also suggested some major layout changes to better present his content to his users, broke down his course content into digestible sections, and shortened his forms for applications.

The New Site

Daryl took most of my suggestions into account and allowed me the freedom to restructure his website. If I had more time to work with Daryl, I would have pushed harder on condensing his about section. Additionally, I would fix the formatting of all his application forms as shown on the Mentor Application form, so the forms appear shorter and not as daunting to look at, making the whole website more consistent. *The quiz page is not public to show here.

Client Feedback


Daryl Smith: Gloria did a great job for my website and I have recommended her to build a website on WordPress for a friend of mine whom I have known for 10 years.

Site Walk Through